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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Post # 1: My Goal

My photography is my tribute to forests that have motivated me through my life and never fail to enrich my spirit.  My goal  is to produce fine art images of these magnificent ecosystems  in order to inspire viewers  and make them aware of this precious and diminishing heritage. I hope to increase society’s recognition and protection of this incredible legacy.
Most of the posted images will feature the uncut forests of British Columbia since these treasures are rapidly disappearing.  My intention is to document their beauty, spiritual gifts, wonder and magic for future generations in a photographic book.
In future posts  I will discuss aspects of photographing in forests and will share  images from the diverse ecological zones of British Columbia and other  temperate forests as well. 

Fall mosaic. Interior wet-belt forests, Interior Cedar-Hemlock Zone. 
   Avola, BC  

 Wolf lichen and lodgepole pine cone.
Interior dry-belt forests, Interior Douglas-fir zone. Alexis Creek, BC 

 White birch. High key image.  Interior dry-belt forests. Interior Douglas-fir Zone.
Deception Falls, Wells Gray Provincial Park, BC 

 Grove of Sitka spruce.  Wet Coastal Forest. Coastal Western Hemlock Zone.
Carmanah Walbran Provincial Park, BC

 Group of majestic western redcedar.  Wet Coastal Forests. Coastal Western Hemlock Zone.
Bella Coola, BC